Doggie Daycare

Free Play


With the Free Play option, your Pampered Pup will get to play with other dogs at daycare. This is our most popular option and is best suited for dogs who get along well with others.

Pack Play


The Pack Play option is designed for dogs who may need a bit more "structure" during playtime. With Pack Play, your Pampered Pup will enjoy supervised play time with other dogs. This option is good for dogs who have had a hard time with daycare in the past. 

Individual Play


Want to bring your Pampered Pups to daycare but not let them mingle with other dogs? Individual play is an option available for dogs to enjoy playtime by themselves or only with their house mates.




Going out of town or just need a place to send your Pampered Pup for the night? We offer in-home boarding for all client dogs! During the day they will enjoy daycare and when it is time to go home, your pup goes with us! Please remember to send your pup with their crate, food and any medications.


Private Lessons

Private lessons with our in-house trainer will be available during normal business hours. Private lessons will be by appointment only. Please contact us for more details or to get on the schedule.

Group Classes

Group classes will be geared toward basic obedience and will be held weekly at 7:30pm. Please stay tuned for our group class schedule to be posted. 

Day Camp

Day Camp is available for those who want their Pampered Pups to be put to work during the day! During Day Camp, your pups will receive general maintenance training. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a full obedience program.  

The Pampered Pup's 12-day Day Petiquette Program is available for those looking for a full obedience program. Expect to bring your pup in to Day Camp for 12 days. Each dog who graduates from this program will be able to demonstrate sit, down, stay, loose leash walking and place command in the presence of distractions. This includes two private lessons with our in-house trainer. 

Training at The Pampered Pup

All of the training offered by The Pampered Pup is facilitated by Tyler Boyer with The Working Pup. To learn more about Tyler and The Working Pup, click the button below to check out their website!  




We are excited to offer grooming services to all of our Pampered Pups! Whether you just want a bath and blow-dry or a full groom, we've got you covered. Grooming is available by appointment only. Please contact us to get on the schedule.